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The heart of a collector

Since I was little I started to collect stuff. You can say that I’m a born collector and that I have the heart of a collector. I have collected so many different things over the years and I think most people who know me don’t even know all my collections. Time to reveal it! I’m absolutely NOT a horder. I can put away things that I don’t want to have anymore really easily. But when it comes to serious collections, I still have most of them somewhere!

I believe it all started off with stickers, since I have to stick them into a map after injecting growing hormones everyday. I still have a lot of stickers left and I use them for my letters and that kind of stuff. Then I had this obsession with the Teletubbies. It was my first favorite series I guess haha! It sounds lame, but I had a few different things of the Teletubbies. Don’t judge, I was a toddler back then haha!

After that, I came into my K3 fandom phase. Yep, music became a real thing in my life and I started to collect EVERYTHING of that grou[. I have a box filled with K3 stuff in the attic. Not long after that I discovered the world of stamps. And that is something I actually still collect! It might sound boring and geeky, but there are so many different stamps! I even own really old ones and I have a lot of different stamps from all over the world. My most special ones are my Hello Kitty stamps from Taiwan. I got them recently in the mail, thanks to someone that contacted me, because of my Hello Kitty collection.

Diddle became a really popular thing during my last few years on primary school. You could literally get everything you could think about printed with Diddle. But the most popular things were the notebooks, writing papers and paper bags. Whenever you could switch your doubles for a new one with others at school, you did that. I remember one of my friends back then, organized a Diddle themed party for her birthday and she send in a picture of us to the magazine Diddle’s Kaasblad and we got in it! So awesome!

I also had a ”horses are my favorite animals” phase. So I collected magazines, newspapers, stickers and all that kind of stuff about horses. I even had several pc games about horses. Besides The Sims, I played those horses games the most. Yep pretty obsessed. I still love horses though, and I still don’t dare to ride them haha! I’m more obsessed with cats now.

Speaking of cats, here we go to my biggest collection: Hello Kitty. Okay yeah actually she only looks like a cat but she is a girl. (Background information blabla). I don’t even remember when I exactly started to collect Hello Kitty stuff. But what I do know is that I’m doing it for years now and my collection has insanely grown over the years! Everyone keeps an eye out for me when it comes to Hello Kitty stuff, which is really really sweet! Fun fact: most of the stuff were gifted to me, I only bought a small part myself haha, oops! I keep discovering new Hello Kitty stuff and I want to visit Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo so bad! I hope I will ever go there. I still need to make a Hello Kitty collection update on video. Stay tuned!

And last but not least, I love to collect memories. I always keep entree tickets when I go somewhere, I take pictures etc. Today I’ve started to make a concert book. All of my concert memories are going to be in that book. I’m thinking of making a video about it when most of it is in the book. Let me know if you would like to see a video about it! I want to collect cd’s and vinyls as well. Music is such a big part of my life!

What are you collecting?

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless

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3 thoughts on “The heart of a collector

  1. hoi floor

    ik zag dit verhaaltje voor bij kome en leuk
    om te horen hoe iemand iet’s verzamelt

    mijn verzameling : boeken: strips/kinderboeken/volwasseboeken
    kookboeken ( heb er 1 van gordon ramsey ) boeken over de WWII

    2 dollers uit amerika
    1 brief geld uit japan

    2 barette
    1 echte helm
    1 patroo klip af geschote kogels
    1 buidel zakje
    2 mini schaalvoertuigen

    1 mini schilderijtje van hetman brood
    brief en whisky flessen ( leeg )

    ik verzamel doppen voor het goeden doel

    en mijn favorite verzameling is
    my little pony

    groetjes billy

  2. Oh wat gaaf. Ik heb nog veel spullen van Diddl. Verder spaar ik Hello Kitty, maar dat weet je :P, Sylvanian Families, edelstenen, ansichtkaarten. Ik zal vast nog wel iets vergeten 😛

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