My struggles right now

To go straight in it: I’m in doubt. You might have seen it on my social media already. I’m making English content for 2 months now, but I don’t feel completely satisfied. Youtubewise it is going okay, not too good, not too bad, just okay. At the moment I want go on with the English video’s (I have an awesome…

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Fashion, Video's

Lookbook: 1 flannel 5 outfits

Finally, after all this time I made a new lookbook! I had this idea in mind for months and I finally got the time and energy to film it. In this lookbook I’ll show you 5 outfits you can create with 1 flannel! I hope you like it! Which outfit did you like the most? Lots of love, Floor Flawless

Persoonlijk, Video's

Weekly vlog #9 Happy!

It’s Monday and that means a new weekly vlog! I can say that I was quite happy last week. Want to know why? Just check the vlog! Don’t forget to subsribe to my channel Lots of love, Floor Flawless


Do I like making English content so far?

Well, that’s a long time ago that I’ve posted a proper blogpost isn’t it? I actually started to miss the writings, so here I am! It’s been over a month since I started to make English content instead of Dutch. It was a hard and huge decision for me. Though I still took the chance and just did it. What…

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