How I managed to complete my reading challenge early this year

If you follow me on Goodreads, you might have noticed that I completed my reading challenge a week ago. In this post I’m going to talk about how I managed to complete my reading challenge early this year.

My goal was to read at least 52 books, which would be one book per week. As I only read 22 books last year, I thought it would be really challenging to read 52 this year. But I came to sit at home with a burn-out for 8 months. And although I could only sleep in the first few weeks I started to read after that. I still don’t get why, but it was the only thing I could concentrate on. During those 8 months at home, I read 46 books. That’s almost 6 books per month! Wow! The last bit was the hardest part. I started at my internship and everytime I wanted to read, I was actually way too tired to do it. I got down to only 2 books per month.

According to Goodeards I’ve read 11690 pages which means an average length of 225 pages per book. I think it’s because I’ve read the entire ”Hoe overleef ik” series, which doesn’t have thick books at all. I also read a few other thin books, but read some thick books as well. Besides sitting at home, the small books also gave some help to finish sooner than planned.

So here we are; 40 days left of 2017 and I completed the challenge. I’m actually curious what my number of read books will be at the end of the year. I will set my goal on 52 again next year. Things will be different by then, so my reading activity will be different as well. At least I have enough books left to read!

Have you already completed your reading challenge, are you on track, or are you behind schedule? Let me know!

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless

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