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Weekly vlog #9 Happy!

It’s Monday and that means a new weekly vlog! I can say that I was quite happy last week. Want to know why? Just check the vlog! Don’t forget to subsribe to my channel Lots of love, Floor Flawless

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Baldrs Release Fest

I went to Baldrs Release Fest on October 7th. They brought out their acoustic album Fan Fryslâns Ferline and organized a release festival for it. 2 stages, 8 bands, a medieval market and bohurt. It was an awesome day with great bands and a great audience! Lots of love, Floor Flawless

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Switching to English?!

I have been thinking of switching to English for quite a while now and I’ve finally made my decision. I’m going to create my content in English from now on. Or at least, I’m going to try it for a while and see what it’s going to bring me and if it feels right for me. I hope you’re not…

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